Happy and healthy staff are up to 50% more efficient

We’re helping build healthier business environments with our bespoke corporate offering. This allows your employees to see a Doctor when the need arises and have any prescription ready to collect at their local pharmacy.
Our Mental Health at Work Commitment further benefits your employees and gives them the right mental health support and prevents decline in productivity – missed work days, difficulty concentrating or even resignation.

Benefits to your organization

Improved employee

Improved employee health

Empower your worforce to to beat ill health. Give them access to Aegle at the office, at home and on the go.

Reduced absenteeism

Use Aegle to save your organisation money and reduce absenteeism by up to 41%.

Reduced absenteeism
Reduced staff turnover

Reduced staff turnover

Want more engaged employees? Aegle helps reduce staff turnover by up to 65%.

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